Custom Printed 3D Model: GoPro Hero 4 Black Case and Lens Cap

Here’s a short demo of a GoPro Hero 4 Black case and lens cap that I printed on a 3d printer.

3D Models:


Picky (DSLR Short Film)

Here’s a comedy film that I helped edit during my last year at GVSU. Please excuse the sound issues, something happened to the sound well after I was done working on it and reached picture lock.

A couple has a grammar dispute over dinner. But who will win?

Writer and Director: Malik Ming
Producer: Tyler Wiewiora
Assistant Director: Mitch Visser
Director of Photography: Emily Cameron
Sound Mixer: Patrick Hellenga
Sound Design: Melissa Nickels and Kristen Bringedah
Script Supervisor: Aj Bedard
Editors: Ryan Rakowski and Malik Ming
Grips: Aj Bedard, James Kozakiewicz, Benjamin Thompson, Mitch Visser, and Tyler Wiewiora

Gavin Kendrick Brown
Anessa Johnson
James Kozakiewicz
Kaylena Beaulieu
Marie Brown
James Christie
Tyler Wiewiora

25 Ways to Speed Up Adobe After Effects!

Is your version of Adobe After Effects running slow? No need to worry, here’s 25 things you can do to make After Effects run faster and perform better!

Here’s a list of things that you can do that are covered in the video:

1. Adding Power
2. Optimizing Your Processor for high performance
3. Install After Effects on an SSD
4. Save source footage, and projects on an SSD
5. Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database Folders
6. Check your graphics Card, possibly update it.
7. Update Drivers for your graphics card.
8. Change fast preview quality
9. Change fast preview preferences (Adaptive Resolution Limit)
10. Change RAM preview options
11. Close any other programs you have installed on your machine.
12. Set Priority of After Effects to Above normal or high in Task Manager
13. Obtain more Ram
14. Utilize Multi-processing (Hyper-treading)
15. Remove unnecessary or unused Assets in After Effects
16. Pre-render nested compositions
17. Lower the resolution of your preview panel
18. Disable effects that you aren’t using
19. Make Complex effects simpler, for example lowe the particles in a particle system
20. Use adjustment layers
21. Change render to classic 3D instead of Raytraced 3D.
22. Turn off any motion blur
23. Update your version of After Effects
24. Downgrade the final render quality
25. Defragment your computer

*I noticed that I mistakenly said render when I should have said RAM Preview. I’ve been spending too much time in Premiere Pro.*

Some great resources:


C47 – An Epic College Graduation GoPro Video

This video features some of the events at Grand Valley State University’s 3PM 2015 graduation ceremony.

A C47 is a clothespin used to attach a color correction gel or diffusion to the barn doors on a light. Film majors throughout the ceremony wore them on their hats to represent their major. I was one of the only people out of 5,000 graduates to wear a GoPro on my Chest.

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Video By: Ryan Rakowski

Music: Dylan Hardy – Kites


Website Update: 4/27/2015

Well I’ve graduated from college. My life is now running in the fast lane. I’ve updated my website’s About page and Demo Reel/Resume page. I’m ready for a real long term full-time job so please, hire me.

Website Update: 4/14/2015

We’ll it’s that time again where I have decided to update my website. I was suppose to have my website finished and fully updated today, however the night before I was up from 9pm to 3am working on an Interactive hosted by Interlude. I will post a link in this post pending on the approval of that video.

In terms of the website:

The theme has been updated. The main page featuring the nebula can be scrolled down to reveal content such as my Instagram page and my Twitter feed. There are also links to my YouTube, DeviantArt and Vimeo pages. The about page will need to be updated in 10 days after I graduate along with my demo reel and resume. The portfolio is a new feature that I am trying out to sort of create a way of archiving some of my work. However the process is slow and I haven’t been able to add the hundreds of thumbnails to the portfolio yet. The website is still a work in progress. I like the direction where it’s going and the website will be fully updated after I graduate from Grand Valley State University in less than 10 days.

Adobe Flash Hand Drawn Animation Test 1

My random attempts at learning how to use Adobe Flash for animation is going great. This particular animation was one for a project in which you had to make based on an audio reference.

Lightwave 3D: Duck Hunt

I modelled and animated this little animation for my 3D animation class. It’s not the best, but hey its something. Lightwave 3D is a horrible program and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Every other element was made and composted in Adobe After Effects CC.