Picky (DSLR Short Film)

Here’s a comedy film that I helped edit during my last year at GVSU. Please excuse the sound issues, something happened to the sound well after I was done working on it and reached picture lock.

A couple has a grammar dispute over dinner. But who will win?

Writer and Director: Malik Ming
Producer: Tyler Wiewiora
Assistant Director: Mitch Visser
Director of Photography: Emily Cameron
Sound Mixer: Patrick Hellenga
Sound Design: Melissa Nickels and Kristen Bringedah
Script Supervisor: Aj Bedard
Editors: Ryan Rakowski and Malik Ming
Grips: Aj Bedard, James Kozakiewicz, Benjamin Thompson, Mitch Visser, and Tyler Wiewiora

Gavin Kendrick Brown
Anessa Johnson
James Kozakiewicz
Kaylena Beaulieu
Marie Brown
James Christie
Tyler Wiewiora

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