Website Update: 4/14/2015

We’ll it’s that time again where I have decided to update my website. I was suppose to have my website finished and fully updated today, however the night before I was up from 9pm to 3am working on an Interactive hosted by Interlude. I will post a link in this post pending on the approval of that video.

In terms of the website:

The theme has been updated. The main page featuring the nebula can be scrolled down to reveal content such as my Instagram page and my Twitter feed. There are also links to my YouTube, DeviantArt and Vimeo pages. The about page will need to be updated in 10 days after I graduate along with my demo reel and resume. The portfolio is a new feature that I am trying out to sort of create a way of archiving some of my work. However the process is slow and I haven’t been able to add the hundreds of thumbnails to the portfolio yet. The website is still a work in progress. I like the direction where it’s going and the website will be fully updated after I graduate from Grand Valley State University in less than 10 days.

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