Short Review: Pixar’s Brave 4/5 stars

Fantastic music, great voice actors, fantastic 3d animations. Pixar has never looked better than this film however its very predictable. Once you grasp the characters and their roles you can practically guess how the film will end. I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t end with a higher bang.

When you watch this film you get the feeling that it shadows “How to Train your Dragon” in some ways. You almost expect a little more action and it didn’t necessarily provide it. It needed more action, and more adventure in my opinion. I would have liked to have seen a better back story about the mystical whisps too. Being nit-picky now, I also think that the naked butts of the people and the amount of cleavage that was shown on the maid was a little too much. I think Pixar could have went without going that far. I still enjoyed the film and was fascinated the entire time by the hair of the characters and Pixar’s ability to create 3d animations. Highly recommended film for all. 4/5 stars.

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