Exciting, Bold and Clever! The Amazing Spider-Man Review 9.5/10

First off, before you can enjoy this film, scrap all assumptions about how this film will start and all character stereotypes that were set forth by previous actors. Get rid of the Toby stereotype and let your mind start off fresh. James Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, they are gone. This movie will set forth new and correct actors in ways that the comics may actually depict them. Now that that’s taken care of let me tell you how much I loved this film. I loved almost every bit of it. It’s a fantastic reboot to a dying series that is sure to keep kids buying toys and people loving Spider-Man for possibly another ten years until this series craps out.

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man, plays his own unique Peter Parker, completely different from Toby but in a good way. This film tells you more about Peter’s parents and doesn’t completely ditch the idea that they didn’t exist like the other movies. I love in this film how Peter learns how to be a good guy and has to learn to be more responsible for his actions. He doesn’t fight crime instantly after his Uncle dies, he acts childish and searches for his father’s killer and has to learn that beating innocent looking biker guys to a pulp doesn’t solve problems. He’s funny in his own ways and acts like a kid like Peter Parker is supposed to be. Gwen Stacy is no Mary Jane Watson but is again completely different from the Remi series. The chemistry between Peter and Gwen is believable and makes more sense than the dream girl next door that magically falls in love with a superhero that saves her. She never screams in the movie for Spider-Man to save her like a wuss and actually helps in defeating the bad guy. The bad guy, I won’t go into details in case you haven’t seen the movie yet is phenomenal. The actor and the voice actor creates a new “creepy” evil that keeps you at the edge of your seat. The fighting style is unique and literally blows your mind as you watch it. A nice thing in this film is that the villain is defeated in the end but isn’t killed so you may get a chance to see some revenge in another sequel.

The costume was weird looking but I’m going to admit that the film makes way more sense as to how Peter would actually make it in the real life setting. The only thing I didn’t like in this movie was how Peter magically knew how to make the webshooters out of a formula that his advanced biologist father made. He’s smart but the ability to understand an advanced formula as a high schooler and use it is almost mind boggling and slightly confuses you. Let’s face it, high schoolers are not generally that smart. Another thing that ticks me off is the level of technology that is used to explain things. Iron Man 2 sucked was because advanced holograms confused the heck out of you. In this the holograms return and the experiments are done with holograms but in a lighter fashion. It ticks me off but what are you going to do. The next villain will probably shoot holograms just to tick me off. Mysterio?….Oh wait…

The overall look of the movie, graphics, action, chemistry between characters, direction of the movie and clever script makes this movie an instant hit for me. I’m going to buy it the instant it comes out on Blu-Ray despite some tech issues I have with it. 9.5/10 Stars.

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