Busy for 3 Months

I haven’t told anyone on Youtube this, I’ll make a video about it soon, but I’m currently doing an internship in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The internship pays well and I’m getting academic credit for it too. The internet speeds here are awful, worse than dial-up. What does this mean? It means that I can’t upload weekly videos. The company has a limited bitrate and I can’t abuse it by uploading videos. I can probably do a monthly video but I can’t promise anything. I’m still making videos though! In August, when I’m done with my internship there will be a new video uploaded like everyday! I’m recording amazing scenery of the mountains and wild life. Maybe I’ll do giveaway to ensure that my subscribers stay subscribed on my Youtube channel. Anyways don’t just freak if you don’t see any videos from me for a while.

Ryan Rakowski

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