Meeting with Dave Dugdale

A couple of weeks ago I sent Dave Dugdale, a fellow dslr video user, an e-mail asking if he needed any help with some After Effects work. I was traveling to Pagosa Springs, Colorado for some video work and was going to be passing by his town. He e-mailed me back saying he’d love some help trying to simulate some of the effects in Deep Green Sea‘s video called The Carpenter. I created a few effects, met up with Dave at a Starbucks and gave him a little 1 on 1 instructions on how to make the tracked detail effect. Unfortunately the video we recorded in Starbucks had awful audio so I remade the screen captured tutorial and sent it over to Dave. You can see the video here:

Edit: There was a little negative response from a few people. Saying that the workflow was a little inefficient. I didn’t pre-compose my elements in the video. When Dave and I actually sat down and I precomposed it, the precomposed elements lost quality and instead of wasting Dave’s time trying to figure it out we just parented the layers instead. I should have included something in the video but I didn’t. Oh well.. Haters gonna hate. What are you going to do. I was just happy to meet Dave and let him know how grateful I was for his videos. I’m glad I was able to help him.

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