How to Change the Color of Your Campfire

About 4 months ago, I made this video to present to someone interested in changing the color of a campfire. It’s been sort of a family tradition and because there isn’t any videos similar to this already on Youtube, I decided to publicly uploaded so any can change the color of their campfire.

Things you’ll need:
-3/16ths sized drill bit
-a copper pipe about an inch wide and a foot long.
-some gardening hose about a foot long.
-a metal coat hanger
-a marker
-a drill
-safety glasses.
-a vice to hold your pipe( optional)
-a pair of pliers to help bend the metal (optional)

-Mark alongside your pipe every 2 inches.
-Rotate your pipe 90 degrees and mark every other inch.
-Drill holes all the way through the pipe from where each of the marks are at.
-Use a drill bit to scrap out the sharp edges.
-Bend the coat hanger and put it through the top holes of the pipe, create a small handle.
-(Optional) Shrink the end of the pipe down with some pliers so that the garden hose doesn’t fall out.
-Insert the garden hose and place inside the fire.

I apologize for the camera shake. The 50mm f/1.4 lens would be great if it had IS. More regularly reoccurring videos to come of visual effects, tutorials and more.

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