Busy Schedules Again

Alrighty so let me bring you guys up to speed on what I’m doing. I heavily apologize if I don’t upload very many videos this semester. I’m taking 16 credits worth of classes, and I’m working part-time at WGVU, the local PBS station, doing shows and whatever else they tell me to record such as sporting events.

One other big thing that I’m doing right now is that I’m working on a documentary with some real professionals that could potentially reach platforms outside of PBS such as ESPN. Details can be found here http://charliepryor.net/donate-cuba/, but the general idea of this documentary is the story of the second baseball team in American history that was given the opportunity to go over to Cuba to play against Cuba’s baseball team. This documentary is counting as an Independent Study so I will receive 3 credits when all is said and done.

I’m not saying that this schedule is hard or impossible for me but it really limits the time I have to make videos for the YouTubes. Again I’m sorry but what I’m doing is for the best interests of my future career. I’d love to just make videos on YouTube and do that full-time but while I’m at college I must take advantage over the resources and opportunities that are available.

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