About Ryan Rakowski

Who am I? 

I’m Ryan Rakowski, a filmmaker/Digtal Compositor/Sports Videographer who’s sending an SOS to the world through media. Filmmaking is my passion, without film and video I would not be where I am today. I have spent the past five years recording, editing and publishing videos for local communities. I’ve edited and recorded weddings, high school and college sporting events and made highlight DVDs for the coaches and players. I’m highly proficient with the Adobe Suite products but I am also learning 3dsMax and NUKE in hope to soon incorporate more 3D elements into my videos.

During high school I took over seven classes on Graphic Design which I apply many aspects to film. I have a great deal of knowledge about what looks appealing to the eye. I was awarded the departmental award for graphic arts among my graduating class when my senior year ended. I worked on the yearbook staff for my high school as the photography editor and brought new ideas to better create a yearbook and make it more visually satisfying. One of which was the idea of the “page number people.” Students stood in front of a green screen and made poses with a small white board in front of them. I keyed out the green screen and added numbers to the white boards and each page of the yearbook had a student that represented a page number on the yearbook. In 2010, I created a t-shirt design for the Community for the Cure football game in Otsego, Michigan and over $9,000 was raised by my shirts for Cancer Research.

I am currently attending Grand Valley State University studying film and video. In 2011, I worked for Grand Valley’s newspaper recording video for their online website. The number one thing I love when I make my videos is watching the reactions I recieve from people that watch my videos. I strive every day to become more professional so I can one day fulfill my dream of having my name on the big screen.

Email: Ryan@ryanrakowski.com
Phone: (269)929-8623


Blog: http://ryanrakowskiblog.blogspot.com/
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ryan-rakowski/2b/929/a68
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAtomicProductions
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Ryanrakowski_

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